I began my research by studying and trying other beverage brands, considering their strengths and weaknesses. From this research, I learned that many health beverages are filled with sugar, lack in taste, and are overpriced. Based on what I learned, I was able to design a new beverage concept that eliminates unnecessary ingredients while allowing consumers to choose flavors and additives that suit their needs and preferences.
Each Kombe beverage comes as a 13oz bottle filled only half way with 6.5oz of pre-blended fruits or vegetables. The second half can be filled with the consumers choice of liquid, which can be purchased in a 6.5oz Kombo bottle. The consumer adds their Kombo to the Kombe bottle, then shakes to enjoy a refreshing personalized beverage.
Kombe bases allow anyone to endulge in the beverage without regard to allergies or dietary restrictions.
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