This project was designed for participation in the 2020 Paperboard Packaging Alliance Student Design Challenge
The Challenge 
Design a packaging toolkit for educators to be distributed by the TICCIT® (Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees) program and engage third through fifth graders in an environmental and educational activity that highlights the renewability and sustainability of paper and paperboard packaging. The package must hold an educational activity toolkit that would be distributed to educators in order to share the renewability and sustainability of paper and paperboard packaging with their students. 
The futuristic style shows students in all types of communities that any environment can be used to grow plants. Portraying how the earth will look in the future if trees are planted now is our main stylistic goal. We want to present a fun and fresh way of getting kids involved in the future of our planet.
Teaching Components
A puzzle illustrating things that come from trees. The city scape acts as the background to tie the whole puzzle together and to be consistent with the rest of the packaging. 
An advent style tree diagram demonstrating the importance of trees. For each day after the students have planted their saplings, they will open one flap as a class.
Activity pages informing about responsible and sustainable packaging through a variety of fun games.
For the sapling planter, we decided to go with a milk carton shape. Our theme is focused around schools and with the “lunchbox” style of the toolkit, we thought it was fitting to have the sapling holder resemble a milk carton because that’s what kids get with their lunches at school. 
While only the sapling dieline will be included in the toolkit, we show what it would look like all assembled. 
Sapling Prototype
Sapling Dieline
Parent tags are brought home to educate parents on helping their child plant the saplings.
Seed paper is used for the tags so that they can be planted into the ground once they are done being used as well. This decisions further pushes the mission of TICCIT to promote the planting of trees.
Opening Experience
In order to spread awareness about the TICCIT program in schools, we designed promotional pop-up tree cards that would be given out during students' lunch to further promote our theme and complement the lunchbox toolkit and milk carton sapling planter.
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