Senior Capstone

Project Goals: 
have fun
stay interested
make things abstract
be experimental
try new stuff
enjoy this project

Project Deliverable:

Old scans prior to beginning capstone – By collecting found objects and moving them around on a scanner, I was able to gather many abstracted and not easily recognizable assets.
New scans since beginning capstone – By collecting found objects and moving them around on a scanner, I was able to gather many abstracted and not easily recognizable assets.
Photography –  By using unexpected viewing angles and zoomed in crops, I was able to get photographs that are  organic and abstract.
Audio – By paying more attention to my surroundings, I was able to gather sounds that I wouldn't normally pay much mind to.
Video – By recording my process of making abstract things to photograph, I was able to create even more interesting videos.
Manipulated Photos – By manipulating photos in photoshop, I was able to achieve new images in which the subjects are even more unrecognizable than before. 




After rethinking my final deliverable multiple times, I finally settled on showcasing my capstone as its own website with each design being its own page of the website. Using photos, scans, and videos, I was able to manipulate them in Photoshop to create even more abstract imagery. From there, I moved them into Premiere where I began using my research as a guideline to make 10-second video clips for each of the psychological disorders. I further manipulated the imagery as well as my collected audio in Premiere. I exported each video as an MP4 and uploaded them as backgrounds to each webpage. These videos play on a loop automatically so the viewer does not have to take any action. I thought this was the best way to present each disorder in the cleanest way without the distraction of other elements. After learning that the audio from the background video wouldn’t play, I decided to export MP3 files of each of the audio clips and add them to each webpage separately. Again, an issue arose where the audio wouldn’t play automatically. The viewer must play the audio manually, which works fine on desktop. However, when done on mobile, the audio clip opens as a video clip and displays a solid grey screen, preventing the viewer from seeing the intended background video.
This project has taught me to pay more attention to my surroundings and appreciate the many unique, abstract, and colorful details in my everyday life. As for the resources I have collected and manipulated so far, I plan to continue my research and execution of additional psychological disorders as time goes on. Additionally, I have began uploading my designs on RedBubble where I plan to sell unique, one-of-a-kind products.

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