Homebrew Café & Bar

Secondary Logos
Logo variation incorporating a coffee mug icon, intended for products exclusively featuring coffee, including take-out cups. In adherence to regulations, the logo does not incorporate the liquor bottle icon on the take-out cups, as alcohol cannot be transported outside the establishment. This thoughtful approach ensures clear and appropriate visual representation, while maintaining compliance with the necessary guidelines.
Logo variation featuring an alluring tea mug icon, meticulously tailored for tea products, encompassing tea boxes and tea bag tags.
A carefully crafted logo variation incorporating a delightful cupcake icon, purposefully tailored for pastry products, including snack pouches.
The meticulously crafted icons of Homebrew serve as vital visual elements, seamlessly integrated both in physical materials and digital platforms, including the brand's app. These purposefully designed icons play a pivotal role in distinguishing and categorizing different types of products, enhancing user experience and facilitating easy navigation. Their consistent presence throughout the Homebrew brand ensures a cohesive and engaging visual language, reinforcing brand recognition and enhancing the overall brand identity.
Menu Boards
Showcased within my collection are laser-cut coasters featuring captivating imagery that showcases various towns nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Hudson Valley.
On-the-Go Order App
Loyalty Cards
Barista Uniform
Poster Ads
Interior Plans

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