Homebrew Café & Bar

Primary Logo
Secondary Logos
The logo containing the coffee mug icon would be used for products that contain only coffee, such as the take out coffee cups. Since alcohol cannot leave the establishment, the liquor bottle icon would not be used on take out cups.
The logo containing the tea mug icon would be used for tea products, including tea boxes and tea bag tags.
The logo containing the cupcake icon would be used for pastry products, such as snack pouches.
These icons are used throughout the Homebrew brand both physically and digitally within the app to distinguish between types of products.
Take Out Coffee Cup
Coffee Bags
Tea Boxes
Menu Boards
Laser Cut Coasters
The images used on the coasters represent different towns within the Hudson Valley.
On The Go Order App
Loyalty Cards
Barista Uniform
Tabloid Poster Ads
Homebrew Café & Bar Interior Design
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