Precision Botanical

Logo and Graphic Elements
Primary Packaging – Labels
Secondary Packaging
The Precision Botanical tagline is revealed on the second layer of packaging, along with more insight into what the company stands for on the back (shown above).
The leaf graphic on the outside is less detailed, hinting at what is coming as the consumer moves to the inside of the packaging.
The leaf graphic underneath is more detailed, promoting the transparency that Precision Botanical values.
CBD isolates are products that contain only the pure form of CBD extracts. All other compounds, including THC, are removed. We added these stickers to promote the purity of Precision Botanical products.
The sticker also functions as a tamper evident seal.
For the retail store merchandising, we wanted to create something that would stick out among other products on the shelves. The hexagon shapes that stick out from the main form are meant to be visible to a customer looking down a store aisle.
We also wanted to have the primary packaging be displayed on its own so that customers can see exactly what they're purchasing before they leave the store.
For the specialty store merchandising, we gave the products more breathing space.
We wanted customers to have a more personal experience by giving them the ability to handle the packaging.

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