Precision Botanical

Logo and Graphic Elements
Primary Packaging – Labels
Secondary Packaging
A clever design approach to the second layer of packaging reveals the tagline, providing deeper insights into the company's values and mission.
The outer leaf graphic offers subtle intricacy, enticing consumers to explore further within the packaging, where a more detailed and immersive experience awaits.
An exquisitely detailed leaf graphic underneath symbolizes Precision Botanical's commitment to transparency and emphasizing their core values.
Introducing the purity-focused CBD isolates from Precision Botanical, products exclusively crafted with pure CBD extracts devoid of any other compounds, including THC. 
In order to accentuate the untainted nature of these offerings, we ingeniously incorporated stickers that not only promote product purity but also serve as tamper-evident seals, ensuring consumer confidence.
A distinctive approach to retail store merchandising that aimed to captivate customers amidst a sea of competing products on the shelves. To achieve this, we incorporated eye-catching hexagon shapes that protrude from the main form, ensuring visibility to customers scanning store aisles. 
Additionally, we strategically designed the primary packaging to be displayed independently, allowing customers to effortlessly observe the product they are purchasing before departing the store, fostering a sense of confidence and informed decision-making.
A thoughtfully curated specialty store merchandising strategy that prioritized spaciousness to grant products ample room for visibility and appreciation. Our objective was to provide customers with an intimate and engaging experience, empowering them to interact directly with the packaging, fostering a personal connection and enabling a hands-on exploration of the products.

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